STONEupcycle Table



STONEupcycle Table  upcycled furniture 2019

STONEupcycle table - Bruunmunch & Simonsen collection


STONEupcycle table is new design table developed from the idea of minimizing the material consumption in furniture manufactoring by upcycling.


The idea came from a visit to Bruunmunch´s supplier of genuine stone table tops in Vejle Denmark.Here we spotted a pile of scrap stone cut-outs, just waiting to be trashed.It was so obvious that these left overs from the manufactoring of kitchen counter tops should be upcycled and used again.


We knew that we had found something really exciting, it was a great opportunity to make fantastic coffee table and at the same time be able to upcycle waste materials which has great quality and value for our customers.


The result is the STONEupcycle table, which is available in two sizes and two hights and a huge variaty of stone and ceramic materials