JUUL 012 Table


JUUL Eilersen

JUUL 012  Coffee table 2016-2017

JUUL 012 - Coffee table

The JUUL 012 table is design from principles of the construction of Mies van der Rohes “Neue Nationalgalerie” in Berlin. A huges roof top hoovering over slender columns or poles.

In the same way the table top is hoovering over the legs. The poles are fixed by the lower structure and provides the 4 points of carrying the top load.

The design is light and elegant and ads perfectly to the JUUL range of comfortable and high quality sofas.

JUUL 012 comes in 800x800 and 1000x1000 mm sizes, with choice of glass, marble or travertine tops. Height: 360 mm

In 2017 the range is expanded with both a rektangular and circular version, 600x1200/1400 mm and Ø800 and 1000.

More info: JUUL.eu